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  • LLF Easter break 2017 Open or Close

    1.                   LLF Easter breaks 2017:

    • No classes week commencing: Monday 10th April,
    • Office hours 11.30 am to 2,30 pm  10/11/12/13 April,
    • Classes recommence Tuesday  18th April 10 am to 8.30 pm.

     Tim Murari

    Principal & Director

  • LLF News Letter September 2016 Open or Close


    Dear Students, Staff and Stakeholders- we are now starting autumn with a late burst of hot weather.

    I presume an Indian summer to follow!

    LLF team members have holidayed in the med and also Tom O’Neill – who recently left LLF to study further in Sweden – managed Indonesia, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia and eventually Sweden.

    Many of our students travelled home to visit friends and family before returning to London. Daniel and Saul visited Greece and Ekaterina and Tsvete travelled to Bulgaria.


    LLF student visits:

    •             Visit Parkside Farm near Enfield to ‘pick your own ‘fruit and vegetables’ – so lots of new grammar and nouns!

    •   Darius took a group to The London Cable car ‘River Crossing’-



    Since our British Council accreditation – the college has signed contracts with a few selective agents – and look forward to additional student cohorts to study between two and six months (General English and IELTS preparation.

    Staff Training: Over the summer team members have been taking certificates in Safe Guarding and risk assessment and risk handling.

    Further workshops planned for September and October.

    The LLF Board of Governance: WE welcome Mrs Erica Hole to the LLF Board. Erica has vast experience in EFL management, teaching and administration. Also international teaching experience in a number of countries via the British Council.


    Info dated: 21/09/16 TM/DV/DZ



  • LLF News Letter June 2016 Open or Close

    1.       British Council accreditation: The College is very pleased to announce that British Council accreditation was achieved on the 4th May 2016. The college is now listed with the BC with an approval certificate to 31st March 2021.

    As principal I personally wish to thank the LLF team for all the hard work in preparation for the accreditation visits in 2015 and 2016.

    Particular thanks to our previous Director of Studies (DOS) Stephen Manning for his input and guidance of the academic team of the college. Stephen has returned to China on a one year contract with a university.

    Tom O, Neill also said farewell –as Tom is returning to full-time studies for ‘Performing Classical Music’ in Sweden. However we are sure he will drop in on one of his visits to London.


    Another special thanks to Saul Reid, who continues as a key member of the LLF academic team.

    LLF Office team: Both Daniel and Tsvete worked closely with me to further upgrade systems and train up on Health and Safety and Welfare to ensure that LLF offers the appropriate Learning environment.

    New DOS: The College has appointed a new DELTA qualified DOS Ekaterina to work with Saul, Chuck and Sue to timetable and deliver English Language at LLF.


    2.       Second Birthday: Held on Friday 3rd June as the school completes two academic years on the 30th June 2016 –so achieving BC accreditation was also a good excuse to celebrate our second birthday. See pics.

    Thank you to:

    ·          Tsvete and Sue in preparation of catering and Daniel in preparing the room and the entertainment.

    ·         Daniel and his partner (Elisabeth) performed a number of songs with Daniel on Guitar. Tom also gave us some Irish tunes on one of his Flutes.

    ·         Karen for taking pics of the evening.




    4.       Teaching at LLF- EFL Over two years we have developed our own formula ,by designing formats to successfully integrate students who attend for short time periods  -normally between 2 -4 weeks. Level testing, trial lessons and a professional standard of teaching –has maintained student attendance, repeat learners and also encouraged recommendations.


    5.       ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education): As part of our strategy to offer additional courses at LLF we have launched - The LLF ‘School of Business’ –which is a department of The London Language Foundation. The delivery of English Courses will continue as normal –with a separate accreditation by the British Council.


    For further details of ATHE visit link: https://athe.co.uk/


    6.       LLF Board of Governance: The next meeting of the LLF Board of Governance is scheduled for Tuesday 28th June. The board reviews the progress and operation of LLF and also offers advice on strategy and Quality Assurance.



    Info dated: 15/06/16 TM/DZ




  • LLF News Bulletin 11th May 2016 Open or Close

    Great News! The London Language Foundation was approved by the British Council on the 4th May as an accredited listed centre. It will take a few days for further announcements and details to be placed on our website. The College is also organising a celebration/summer party for students and staff (date to be confirmed next week).

  • LLF Team members and students in Camden Market Open or Close

    LLF Team members and Students in Camden Market London


    Tutors and students enjoyed a night out in Camden market. Live music and cold drinks were the order of the day.

    Meridan Fall performed at Proud Camden with Daniel Zattara of the LLF team as lead singer on the 31st March.


    Easter eggs at LLF- The office distributed eggs for students and team members as part of Easter celebrations in Limehouse.



  • LLF Courses offered in Winter Term 2016 Open or Close


    • General English  Intermediate  ( Monday to Wednesday) morning 10.00-1.00

    • General English – Elementary ( Monday-Wednesday-Friday) afternoon 2.00-4.00

    • IELTS Preparation class (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) afternoon 4.30-6.30

    • General English  Upper Intermediate  ( Monday to Friday) evening 6.30-8.30

     LLF can also arrange 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 classes


  • Free English Course Book & 10% Discount On All English Courses on Registration Open or Close

    London Language Foundation is pleased to announced that as part of our season's goodwill, we are giving away a free English Course Book and a 10% discount on all English Language Course bookings lasting 6 hours or more per week over 4 weeks or more duration at the Limehouse, London E14 7HS learning centre. It is expected that this generous offer, lasting till 30th of March 2016, will prove popular with those seeking to learn English in East London.  Majority of LLF's current students enrolled on English language courses including those that have recently completed a level have already eagerly take up the offer with more expected to follow.   

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